##Learn to Waltz (April 16, 2016)

Hi there,

I’m glad you attended my April 16th, 2016 waltz workshop hosted by Louisville Country Dancers. This email has a few links with information if you’d like to do followup research (or followup listening).

Waltz music:

Here is the playlist used for today’s workshop (contents listed below):Playlist

Here is a 2.5 hour radio show of entirely waltzable instrumental post rock:Show

and here is a playlist with many many waltzes in various BPMs and styles, for beat and phrase ID practice. Plalist

Waltz Opportunities:

Dance with us in St. Louis at our monthly waltz party, the Sunday after the 3rd Saturday, with an hour lesson at 6, and dancing to the Halcyon Light Orchestra from 7-9.

In Cincinnati, waltz evenings are held on 5th Saturdays, with a lesson at 7 and waltzes from 8 to 10:30.

Lexington Vintage Dance offers waltz class series—their current 5-week course began April 11.

Waltz Reading:

Richard Powers and Nick Enge’s Waltzing: A manual for dancing and living

This link lists some variations on rotary waltz: http://www.dancingmoves.us/rotary-waltz/

Again, thank you for coming, and feel welcome to follow up with any questions!



Type Title Album Musician BPM playtime
For Oslo Mixer The Clock Stopped Contra-intelligence KGB 111 5:03
For Oslo Mixer Two Rivers AB n/a Martha Edwards + Kristen Graham 124 2:25
Clear simple Waltz of the Morning Percolatin’ The Coffee Zombies 128/130 4:01
Clear simple Waltz #2 XO Elliot Smith 133 4:40
Clear simple La Valze-Belette Indiana Sunrise The Cosmic Otters 134 3:28
Clear simple Hardwick Waltz Time Larry Unger Ginny Snowe 143 2:59
Clear Simple Waiting and Waltzing in Airport Terminals Chapter 1: Had We Known Better Industries of the Blind 105 13:00
Rotary Beauty in walking away Unfold Marie Digby 156 3:40
Rotary Alta Sierra Waltz Waltz Time Larry Unger Ginny Snowe 165 2:25
Mix Tempo The Millionaire Waltz A Day at the Races Queen 193/145 4:55