vineHeight The bed is above water level, with ditches carrying water around the perimeter and up the center. Vines grow close to the ground.

residue Spent vines from prior years form a natural mulch.

bloss Many blossoms per vine result in many berries per vine.

southDry A view from the shop of the south beds. The closest has already been harvested, the further ones are waiting.

pulling This bed has been flooded. The berries’ density is similar to apples, so they strain the vines to float.

beating Once flooded, beaters knock the berries off the vines.


floating The berries are now ready to be corralled by boom.

tight Once corralled, they are loaded via elevator to a wagon.

grass Fans separate cranberries from leaves and other foreign materials.

bounce When berries were packed on-farm, sorters on-farm eliminated poor quality berries. “Only the best Ben Lear berries bounce.” This sorting now happens at the processing facility.