The current apple of my eye is my 2016-planted asparagus patch.

In the interest of having a garden where everything absorbing sunlight will be something I can eat:

-cut down two eastern trees

-trim the tree that impedes walking on front sidewalk

-saffron crocuses in western front strip

-build up soil to prevent drainage under step

-cut weed stubs along east fence

-echinacea along east fence

-poppies in front of echinacea

-buckwheat to choke out weeds until weeds gone & buckwheat harvest (Stock Seed Farms)

-back sunny patch has asparagus and rhubarb (Jersey Supreme, Jersey Knight, Sweet Purple; Crimson Red, Victoria)

-smash lillies by asparagus

-put garlics and horseradishes there (open to varieties; horseradish from Dan)

-blackcurrants, roses, creeping thyme in main-front (Ben Sarek blackcurrant; Nero aronia; Ballerina roses; Thymus herba-barona)

-tillage radishes under boulevard until soil is workable (Stock Seed Farms)

-in future years, annual vegetables to be grown on west side of lawn with pea trellis

-eventual spillover onto east side in front of poppies if needed

-indeterminates (watermelons, squash, cucumbers) can grow into “parking” pad

-parking pad to be, I don’t know, painted or something.