Welcome to my Home

Things you’ll need to know

The wifi network is

James Buchanan Eads

for the password, check the crossstitch!

Please don’t tag my home’s location on social media.

The hot water supply for the shower has to be turned on before the hot water faucet will work—put your hand on the hot faucet, reach over the porcelain lip onto the supply pipe, and down about 3 inches. There is the knob.

Don’t leave anything you care about unattended in the back yard or in your car, and lock the doors, even if you’re only leaving for a moment.

Things that might come in handy

Dishes and silverware are in the storage cabinets/drawers in the sink room.

I should have everything you need out for you, but if I failed, the pantry with a solid door holds teas, bathtowels, dish towels, dishcloths, and extra-extra toilet paper.

Bring your own coffee. (If I kept it in stock, it would go stale.) If you prefer, there is a nice coffeeshop 1 block north and 1.5 blocks west. Its address (and its punch card) are magneted to the fridge.

Spare bike helmets, lubes, and tools are in the basement, on the shelf against the north wall.

To do laundry, plan ahead to give your clothes time to line-dry. Turn the water sources full on when you go to start the machine, and turn the water sources full off when the cycle finishes.

To use the oven, dial the “timer” to any number, and then set your desired temperature. Adjust down about 25°F since it’s convection.

To use the stove, light the element with the lighter (drawer next to you).

When harvesting herbs, leave enough behind to keep growing. Don’t lick the roses in the summer months, they receive a weekly fungicide application until September.

Recyclables can all be placed in the same cardboard box under the sink.

Emergency Contacts

Tell me something is broken: this link

Police Emergency line: 911

Police non-emergency line: (314) 444-2500

You are in district 3.

In Summary

If it looks like it’s about to break, it is, treat it gently.

On the bright side, you will wake up to souffles or waffles.

I was asked what I’d appreciate as hostess gifts, and the answer is YOUR SMILING FACES, and possibly fresh fruit.